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Publications on SU JOK Therapy and Twist Therapy

Useful for Practitioners and the common People Alike

  • A Useful Collection for every family to learn self-help methods of treating various diseases.

  • Convenient and practical reference for therapists.

  • An ideal gift for near and dear ones.


This manual is designed for a broad readership. The book is very helpful in mastering the easiest-to-perform rationales of rehabilitative and preventive techniques using the standard hands and feet correspondence system.

The elements of Su Jok Therapy, as well as the variety of simple deceased conditions along with several case histories are presented in this book, which provides clear guidelines on self-treatment and how to help your dear ones without having to resort to medicines.

This small book is the most popular book all over the world and has been printed in several languages.

This book is available in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Kanada and Marathi at present. Soon it will be available in more regional languages.



The book explains the structure of the standard correspondence systems of the hands, feet, fingers, toes and their phalange and the ways of treatment through their stimulation. The structural and the functional principles of the Homo-System of the human body are discussed, with perfectly made pictures and diagrams which plays an important role in the body self-regulation processes and its integration into a single whole. Also the use of various instrument used in Su Jok are well illustrated.

The book is intended for physicians who specialize in various fields of medicine, for medical students, biologists, and physiologists and also for everyone interested in the possibilities to provide medical aid by simple non-pharmacological means.



This manual is intended for learning the simplest methods of providing aid using seeds of plants in the correspondence system of hands and feet.

Su Jok Seed Therapy is a method of health regulation, which every person can easily master and in many cases help himself and his hear and dear ones without taking medicines.

This book would be soon available in Hindi, Gujarati and Kanada.



The book presents a new approach to treatment trough correspondence systems of the nails, developed by the author, gives recommendations as to how to massage nail plates, heat them, act on them by color, magneto therapy, application of seeds, Designed for the broad reading public, this manual will be an illustrative source for those who are interested in the possibilities to provide medical aid by easy-to-use and drugless treatment techniques.

This Book would be soon available in Hindi, Gujarati and Kanada.



This book provides a comprehensive description of an absolutely safe but powerful method of treatment on fingers and toes. Every person can master this simple system and in many cases help oneself and his or her near and dear ones without any medication. One can find methods of treatment of several diseases such as headache, eyesight and hearing disorders, spine problems, heart problem, gastritis, sore throat, painful menstruation, cholecystitis, prostatitis, stress, eczema, memory loss etc. on areas of fingers and toes alone in a clear, simple and easy to understand manner.



In this book, numbers of techniques are explained, offered by Su Jok Therapy for acute pathological conditions from nose bleeding to cardiac arrests, requiring urgent intervention. It covers application of Su Jok Therapy in fast developing diseases, accidents, acute conditions and injuries as well as techniques of resuscitation measures, in an accessible and detailed form. These first aid techniques if applies properly can save people’s life in medical emergencies. The book gives detailed account of first aid for ischemic heart disease, cardiac arrhythmia, acute cardiac insufficiency, hypertensive crisis, acure vascular insufficiency, stroke, convulsions, bronchial asthma, acute respiratory viral infections, renal colic, acute urine retention, acute abdominal pains, hemorrhage, injuries, wounds, fractures, shock, heatstroke, sunstroke, hypothermia, frostbites etc.



A number of simple ways of rendering self and mutual therapy for most common diseases, without any medication is described in this book in a simple and easy to understand language.

The book offers treatment of cold, fever, cough dysponea, herpes, heart problem, spine problems, joints problem, toothache, indigestion obesity, constipation, haomorrhoids, lack of energy, impotency etc. by Su Jok therapy methods. It also describes techniques of beauty care and to deal with stress. The book is intended for wide circle of readers including, therapists and general public. If you have made up your mind to say “NO” to diseases and aging, then this book is specially for you.



Twist therapy is the original natural method of medical treatment using twisting motions and postures, which create target activation of the meridians of the Spiral Neutro energy network.

The book is designed for specialists in drugless treatments and for the wide public reading.



This therapy is the original natural method of physical treatment of health problems using a simple aid of a towel, which can be found in every household. Accompanying manipulations with a towel by performance of twist motions and postures, one can achieve target activation of the meridians of Spiral Neutro Energy Network of our body.

The book is designed for specialists in drugless treatments and for the wide public reading.



This book explains how to apply Twist Therapy techniques simply during walking for treatment of health problems.

The waling becomes joyful experience by using the special techniques described in this book.




The book explains methods of Smile Meditation, related postures, mudras, breathing techniques, etc. developed by the author, which the practioner can apply as per targeted meditation object. This is a wonderful book useful for everyone interested in physical well being as well as mental, emotional and spiritual development.